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Unity + Focus 3 streaming game


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Im currently creating a Unity game for the Focus 3. We want it to use the computer graphics card and CPU as its a very resource intense project. I am currently trying to setup a test-project to connect the VR glasses to Unity. Currently I am using Vive Wave XR plugin 4.5.0-r.3 (+ essence and Native) and I am not able to run it through Windows. I would like to test it with the Play button in the Editor and would expect it to show in the VR glasses. It works as expected if I switch plattform to Android and build, then it ships the build and runs it in VR and I can run it withouth the PC being connected. But this will not work for my full project as the integrated graphics will not be enough and we bought a top-notch PC just for this use. 

Can anyone guide me along how to make this work? I have followed multiple tutorials but with all the different SDKs of Vive it has become a bit messy and nothing works for me. 

I am using Unity 2021.3.4f1.


As I've said I have tried many times and made a new project to start from scratch a few times, I currently have the error:
DllNotFoundException: wave_api assembly:<unknown assembly> type:<unknown type> member:(null)
Wave.Native.Log.__log_print (System.Int32 prio, System.String tag, System.String fmt, System.IntPtr ptr) (at Library/PackageCache/com.htc.upm.wave.native@4.5.0-r.3/Runtime/Scripts/WVR_Log.cs:73)
Wave.Native.Log.i (System.String tag, System.String message, System.Boolean logInEditor) (at Library/PackageCache/com.htc.upm.wave.native@4.5.0-r.3/Runtime/Scripts/WVR_Log.cs:106)
Wave.Essence.InputModule.ControllerInputModule.INFO (System.String msg) (at Assets/Wave/Essence/InputModule/4.5.0-r.3/Scripts/ControllerInputModule.cs:35)
Wave.Essence.InputModule.ControllerInputModule.OnEnable () (at Assets/Wave/Essence/InputModule/4.5.0-r.3/Scripts/ControllerInputModule.cs:579)

If someone could help with these problems, I would be very grateful

Thanks, Eirik


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Hi @Test12134234,

For your case, you need to create a Unity project and import SteamVR Unity Plugin instead of using Wave XR plugin 4.5.0-r.3.

Please try below methods, let me know if you still have problem, thanks!


For VBS, please follow below steps,

1. Download the software and install on your PC.

2. Both your PC and your headset needs to connect to same network.

3. Open VBS app on your headset and it will list the VBS server on the list.


NOTE: Remember to unplug USB cable that connected between your PC and headset


Your PC must install SteamVR too.



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