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Hybrid Tracking setup help, Oculus Rift S and vive tracking with Open space VR calibrator

Weeb Dom

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TLDR : 2 trackers have flawless tracking, never an issue, 1 tracker loses tracking after 45-60 mins, fixed on steamvr restart for another 45-60 min then broke again.

Using an Oculus Rift S with Open space vr calibrator to merge the 2 spaces of tracking, i have 2.0 (2018) trackers 3 of them, along with 2 (1.0) base stations, 2 of my trackers will be perfectly fine for hours and hours, one tracker just suddenly drops out of my playspace and doesnt exist, even upon turning off and on or even going as far as unpairing it and repairing it, itll connect to the pc, itll show me the battery life and everything but it WILL NOT TRACK. i have generated multiple system reports and cant really find the issue, one report had 100k+ back facing hits which ive read can be a bad base station or reflections but it hasnt effected my other 2 trackers at all so i dont really believe that to be the issue. the tracker has been dropped once from about 2-3 feet in the air, fell off my desk by accident, unsure if it was properly tracking before that fall as i got it from a friend, charged it, and fell off desk. unsure how to attach my system report on here since this is my first time using the forums and i was told to come here from vive support.

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Hey, I'm sorry but I'm unable to answer this question for you. I was actually wondering if I could ask you a few questions about FBT with Oculus Rift S since I'll be buying trackers and base stations in less than a month. Do you have Discord or any other platform? It's fine if you'd rather not answer any questions but it really would be helpful.

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