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Upcoming Changes for VIVE Sense

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Hi developers,


We have been working on and keep updating OpenXR regarding Hand Tracking, Eye and Facial tracking and Scene Understanding extensions, so we welcome you to join OpenXR for development.

For VIVE Sense we won’t be releasing any new versions.

However, you’ll still be able to run the original apps (which are created by VIVE Sense plugin) on the VIVE devices as usual. And please send us your feedbacks if you still have further questions.


Also we have some notes on SRanipal Runtime:

You don't need to do additional installation for SRanipal Runtime. Just install or update the latest VIVE Software from SteamVR or OOBE.

After installing or updating the latest VIVE Software, check your SR_Runtime.

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@Vivi Wu


Thank you for this update.

However, I noticed that the latest SRanipal Runtime makes the applications built using the SDK to always give the error EULA NOT ACCEPTED. I imported the SDK to unity and got the error EULA NOT ACCEPTED.

I had to delete the service of SRanipal and install it from VIVE_SRanipalInstaller_1.3.2.0.msi which is an older version in order for SDK to work and in order for Virtual Motion Capture eye tracking to work.

(SDK and installer downloaded from https://hub.vive.com/en-US/profile/material-download).

I have few questions:

  • Is there a way to make apps compiled using the SDK to run with the updated version of SRanipal runtime without the EULA NOT ACCEPTED error.
  • Is SDK the latest version before moving to OpenXR?
  • Using SDK I noticed brow tracking to be extremely lacking. SingleEyeExpression.eye_frown and SingleEyeExpression.eye_squeeze is always zero. SingleEyeExpression.eye_wide is 1 by even when I am not raising my eye brows, and it becomes 0 when I frown. Even when both of my eye brows are in the same position, the weights for eye_wide sometimes change between them significantly. Am I doing something wrong, or are those known issues? Is SingleEyeExpression.eye_frown and SingleEyeExpression.eye_squeeze supported by vive pro eye? If so whey am I always getting 0?
  • Is it recommended to use Tobii SDK? Will it solve those problems?

Thank you for advance.

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