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VIVE Eye tracking not working on Unity

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My team and I are trying to get eye tracking with the VIVE Pro Eye in Unity, but we always get the same error:

[SRanipal] Initial Eye : EULA_NOT_ACCEPT
UnityEngine.Debug:LogError (object)
ViveSR.anipal.Eye.SRanipal_Eye_Framework:StartFramework () (at Assets/ViveSR/Scripts/Eye/SRanipal_Eye_Framework.cs:90)

If SRuntime is closed before launching the scene, the Tobii manager initiallizes the Tobii provider (not the VIVE one) and the eye tracking works. If SRuntime was already opened, the icon is always green even without Unity running and the Tobii SDK falls back to the Nose provider. We've already checked the config at \AppData\LocalLow\HTC Corporation\SR_Config\SRAnipal_Config and everything seems right, the EULA is read and accepted, everything seems calibrated and we've turn off the auto updates just in case.

We are using the following:

  • Unity 2020.3.30f1
  • HTC VIVE Pro Eye
  • OpenXR plugin with the TobiiXR SDK
  • SRanipal SDK


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