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[ PC VR / Windows ] VIVE OpenXR Tutorials and Plugin (Update for Fota5.3)

Vivi Wu

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Hi @FXI,

If it's PC VR (Windows platform) on OpenXR, we have different plugin versions of OpenXR.

For Metahuman please import the OpenXR for PC VR(legacy) plugin  (https://developer.vive.com/resources/openxr/openxr-pcvr/download/latest/).
Then you could find the Metahuman assets and refer to the tutorial that you mentioned.
Note: Remove Wave SDK first and if you are developing an Android platform please let me know, the tutorial here is not suitable for you.

The new plugin and tutorial for 2 in 1 OpenXR will be coming soon.

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Hi @Vivi Wu

Thanks, I'll check the Legacy SDK.

Yes, I mainly develop for PC VR : Focus 3 + VBS with WiFi6E router.
I may be interested to test also on Android with Focus 3 standalone later, once it's working with PC VR.

Do you know how "soon" we're talking ? Days/Weeks/Months ?

Thank you.

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