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Vive Controller not showing in Unity


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I was just playing around with the demo scenes that come with the Vive Utility Plugin in Unity and the Vive Controller worked at first -- I was able to click on buttons, for example. 

However, the controller stopped showing up in Unity after I mucked around a bit with the SteamVR Input window in Unity and the controller bindings.

I couldn't see the controller model nor the pointers, so I was unable to interact with the button.


This is the Inspector view after the controller stopped working in Unity: 



Unfortunately I didn't know what I was doing, so I'm unable to describe what I have done. 

I used the default Vive controller bindings, and for the SteamVR Input window, I accidentally deleted the default action set. I forgot how I got it back, although now it appears at the end of the list instead: 



The Input Utility Plugin also threw a recommendation, "Apply VIU Action Set for SteamVR Input (current = False)", but no matter how many times I click on the "Use recommended (True)" button and save and generate the bindings, the recommendation wouldn't go away. 

When I hit play, these are the messages I get in the console: 



Does anyone know what's going on and how I can fix it? 


Thank you! 

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