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Lip tracking abysmal in daylight

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After fiddeling around with the software a bit I got the lip tracking working perfectly in my setup. All parameters are recognized reasonable well, so it is a perfectly usable solution.

However, this only holds true for night time. When I am using it in daytime the tracking is so abysmal that it is basically not usable. The camera works and is sending data, but the values are all over the place.

I live in a perfectly normal aparment with shades installed. Opening/closing them does not make a difference. I even tried to mount a piece of cloth in front of the headset to block as much light as possible - to no avail.

Since I never read about any issue like this: Is it possible that my unit is faulty? I am not sure how the camera works exactly - is infrared only used in low light? Is it possible that the non-infrared sensors aren't working?

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