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Vive VS Hardwood floor...


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Worst 3 minutes of my life LOL.

Im in the bathroom, and the girlfriend is playing with my Vive.

- Then I hear a "bang" sound like something hard hits the wooden planks of my floor.

Second later GF shouts, "Sorry Hon, I have to leave you - Bye"..

Those 3 minutes in the bathroom - I lot of thoughts went through my head LOL... 



So yes, she dropped it from about 1 meter/3 feet, and lets just say, she did not look proud hehe.

Fortunately it still works, I can not see any difference - PHEW - GF gets to live a little longer :D


My question now - It seem to work fine still - But is there something I need to know when you drop your Vive? Can there be some damage I cannot see, even though it works? Is there something I need to check?


Scary moment - Had to share =)

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Check all over the casing, make sure there aren't any small cracks or fractures. Then you'll want to reseat the cables on the top of the headset, a bounce like that could jostle the cables loose. Then, you're going to want to test the headset, try the camera, the mic, play a couple of games to make sure everything feels right and the tracking is the way it's always been.

If you encounter any problems, let us know! Otherwise, no need to worry.


-John C

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