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Dead HTC Vive after booted up my pc again.


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So I have had my unit for about 4 years. I have used it less than 6 times in those years. Here recently we bought a big house and had plenty of room to use it vs where I use to live so I set it up with no issues and played a few games.

I stopped playing it for about 2 weeks and decided a few days ago to boot it up. Welp I can't get the sucker to connect. Always got "Please reconnect HTC Vive... error 108". I have not removed it at all so it was kind of weird.

I checked all the wiring and noticed my Link box was super warm even though it was not running. So I took everything down and put it back together slowly checking each wire and still after a whole day of trying to get it to work I couldn't get it to connect.

I decided to take my link box apart and check it out to make sure nothing in it was damaged. Super simple to get it to come apart and there where no issues that I could see at least. So I put it all back together and decided to buy new wires and link box.

The link box and wires came in however the link box they sent was the wrong one vs what the website listed so I have to send it back. I hooked the new cables in directly to the GPU bypassing the link box and the USB connects but error 208 appears. So I connect it to my link box and plug it in. Well now it wont connect at all. It's just blank. I pulled up the CLI page from SteamVR and no detection of usb's are listed.

So I decided to start fresh. So i reinstalled windows. Updated everything. Downloaded every driver mentioned to me. Still the problem persists. I am worried it's the headset itself. I mean I do repairs on mobile phones and Ifixit sells replacement parts so I'm sure I can do repairs but how do I know what to repair or not.

The problem seems to be the link box itself and the HDMI portion of the headset. It's obviously not the cable since both cables when plugged in only detect the USB portion not the HDMI portion. It reads it can't find the HDM display.

Any thoughts on how the display would have stopped working at all? It sits in my office and no one access the room but me. So I'm confused on how it has messed up so badly. I plan to disassemble the headset and look for any damages.

Also for the headset the only thing it shows is a brightly lit Red light.

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