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[ PC VR / Windows ] Tutorial - How to Move from VIVE Sense to OpenXR

Vivi Wu

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Hi developers,

For VIVE Sense we won’t be releasing any new versions.
And we'll keep updating OpenXR regarding Hand Tracking, Eye and Facial tracking and Scene Understanding extensions, so 
we welcome you to join OpenXR for development.

Following is the steps to help you change from VIVE Sense to OpenXR:

  • Step1 .
    Uninstall previously installed corresponding runtimes

    e.g. SRAnipal runtime for facial tracking and SRWorks runtime for scene understanding.

  • Step2 .
    Install OpenXR package
    for supporting hand tracking, facial tracking, and scene understanding.
  • Step3 .
    Set Active OpenXR
    according to your HMD.
    The notification of activating OpenXR runtime should be prompted when you open VIVE Console or SteamVR.
    • Set to VIVE OpenXR if you are a VIVE Cosmos developer.
      • Settings -> Advanced -> Set "Current Active OpenXR Runtime" to Vive OpenXR
    • Set to SteamVR OpenXR if you are a VIVE Pro series developer.
      • Settings -> Advanced ->  Click "Developer" Module ->  Set "Current OpenXR Runtime"  as SteamVR


 For more information about OpenXR PC VR Plugin and tutorials, please visit Here.

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