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Vive Base station help


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I have a question that requires more than one brain to fix.

Basically, I have 2 setups that started interfering with one another as of late. One has only one base station high up set up on A, pointing to two motion chairs.

Behind it I have another area with 2 base stations connected via cable in A and B, situated behind the first mentioned lighthouse, with the chairs facing it.

Most of the vision is obstructed but lately i`ve been experiencing grey screens and disconnects in certain areas saying base station setup error.

After many tries and much QA, I found out that the chair setup is picking up one of the base stations in the other area and that is why the situations, which is strange because they are far apart and not in visual range. Also, the two base stations are connected via cable.

My question is, Is there a way of isolating these setups from the software or do I need to visually isolate one of the areas? This issue would be easily fixable in the Vive Pro architecture, i know.

I`m thinking of remaking the room setups for them with everything plugged off, thinking that maybe all the headsets being swapped around are generating these issues, some of them being maybe still linked to the 2 lighthouse area.

Any ideas?


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Hi Razzo45,

Interference can certainly come in many forms. Certainly if they are in visual range or are getting bouces from reflective surfaces, there can be interference. 

Isolating interference and/or combing the two spaces are the approaches that I've had the most success with personally.


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