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Expo Hall Tracking Loss

FSS Nuka2

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I'm running an installation in a large expo, we've finished fabrication and are just about ready to open to the masses, however now that we are able to test using the actual hardware in the physical space we are experiencing drops on our 3.0 trackers.

The drops are not consistent and sometimes they fix themselves before returning back to jumping around.

- we are using 16 2.0 bases stations (4 per bay) all set to unique channels, 8 of which are connected via sync cables.

- we are tracking 8 3.0 trackers.

- the dongles are connected to a powered USB hum as close to the trackers as possible, connected to the laptop in a USB 2.0 port.

- there are spot lights set up overhead in a relatively dark room pointed around the venue, some onto the installation itself.

- a single tracker can possibly see 16 unique base stations.

- The installation is surrounded by painted metal with low reflectivity.


Would it be better to limit each of the 4 bays to the channels 1-4? 

Should we attempt to lower the light pollution as much as possible?

We have tried many fixes over the last few days accompanied by many trips to Home Depot and Microcenter. As we approach our final few hours, just figured I'd toss some lines out and see if I can find some answers.


Thanks you, I appreciate any and all help and advice.

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