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Vive wand controller help: Wear on dpad bottom.


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Still using an old vive it gets me by till something new comes out that I am happy to get, looking forward to next year.

In the mean time I am having issues with my vive wands.

The dpad has come lose when I used the instructions on ifixit to open the wand I saw the problem. There is a small rubber pad on the bottom of the dpad that sits on a small button and on both controllers it has worn away. I manged to get a quick fix by using a few layers of electrical tape and for the most part it works for a while unless I am heavy handed with the dpad even a little bit it either shifts the tape away or wears it down as well the tape is very soft.

Has anyone else got this issue and got a solution for it? I thought I could fill the hole in using some sort of silicon but that turned out to be to soft as there is not enough silicon applied for strength. Anyone have any luck with other materials that might be able to be applied to mimick the rubber pads.

Thanks any any help.

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