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Summed up nicely

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Having only owned it a couple of weeks, this video (from the exact time scale) deffo hits the nail on the head.



Im often screaming at it saying "all ive done is rebooted my pc" or "all I did was move my pc downstairs" and it no longer detects something.


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I've personally had no issues with VR aside from needing to run room setup when I switch from my native space to a different environment all together.


My suggestion is to make sure your within the proper bounds between each lighthouse, or using the included cable to link them together.

You also want to avoid rooms with reflective surfaces or spaces such as Mirrors or shiny surfaces.

Another good rule of thumb is to provide proper lighting for the room, while I have no problem playing in darkness with VR some people do. It is highly recommended to those users to turn on some lights especialy in the directions from the VIVE lighthouses.


You may also want to make sure that your GPU software is set to prioritize maximum performance for Steam, as well as SteamVR, This seems like a small thing, but can make a very noticable difference when it comes to tracking errors.

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I'm not sure exactly what he means, but you do want to make sure you have your power settings in Windows set to maximum for example. Depending on your GPU there are also tweaks you can do through the bundled software that can "optimize" your PC for certain applications and games, but that's all handled through their software.

Thank you,

-John C

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