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How to exit KIOSK mode under LBE mode?


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Hi there,


I want to make sure my observation first It seems like headset button would be disabled under LBE mode, right?

If so, how could one leave KIOSK mode (which is usually done by long press the headset button) under LBE mode ?


Currently I could just do that through factory reset... doesn't really sound good.

Of course end users don't really need to exit KIOSK mode, but developers still need to do so for some following maintenance.

BTW, what I met today was that I wanted to rebuild the tracking map when the devices were taken to another demo site, but VBC could not connected to the devices since I disabled the USB access in KIOSK mode (I don't want users to get our data).
So I needed to leave KIOSK mode...but could only do so by factory reset  : (

Another scenario I could think of is also about USB accessible. If we want to make some APP change, we would need to leave KIOSK to access USB for upgrade the apk or put some file into the devices.


For my case, I could now only decide to trust the users and enable USB access to reduce the effort.

Is there any suggestion?

Thank you.

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