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Creating a VR Education Business


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I got inspired by the posts here of people asking about VR arcade businesses. I wanted to use VR to make some contribution to the community and I was thinking that education might be something feasible. Are you aware of companies providing VR education services? I know about companies developing content for education but not sure about the ones offering this as a service.


I appreciate your comments. 




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How's it going Jose,
A little about myself. My name is Richard Jones, owner of a VR entertainment company in Las Vegas. I'm currently working on my Doctorate in Physical Therapy and I'm looking to use VR and the active style games VR offers to help those who are disabled recover some of what they lost. Generally this including educating clients, patients, and customers both medically and technologically. There is an organization called the VRARA (VR AR association). One of their goals is to assist companies with information on how to achieve their VR goals.  Beyond the scope of entertainment that is. 

You could also try calling the California State Libary department for information on who is running their VR section. Currently, they are putting the Oculus (boo) into many libraries as educational tools. Pick their brain and such. 

Best of luck Jose. 

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