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Best vr game idea


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A VR game where it starts out with you as a beta tester for a almost finished VR game but there’s something wrong, you discover a glitch and your put in an area that looks a lot like boneworks, suddenly you are attacked by a bunch of fords and you escape them, slowly but quickly you realize you are inbetween the virtual world, you learn that the king ford wants to destroy/take over VR with the void and he’s already winning through out the game you fight different enemies from all sorts of VR games half-life Alex, blade and sorcery, super hot, Pavlov, pistol wip,the walking dead, gorn, Arizona sunshine, as enemies duck season, megaton rainfall, until you fall, swarm, phasmophobia as bosses and population one, stride, and espire 1 as real players/stronger enemies, through out the game you get stronger you learn slowing down time, blade and sorcery spells, gliding, ect as in abilities throughout the vr games, towards the end of the game the king ford becomes a vr god, but everyone turns against him but it’s too late he’s too powerful it’s up to you now to stop him, you have an epic final battle with king ford in an arena that’s like all the broken vr games in one map, I think that would be the most badass amazing game to ever hit virtual reality

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