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Extra battery is useless - changing batterys mid game about never works.


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I got 2 of vives batteries for my wireless cosmos elite since just one battery with a mere 2 hours is bugger all. And welp the second battery is about useless especially so if you're playing multiplayer, because almost all of the time, when you change the batteries, the game will freeze, and steamvr wont pickup the headset until you restart vr and thus the game.

You're already pissed at this point that the shit battery is already dead (without any warning!!!), and despite you whopping out a hundred dollars to fix the issue, youll need to restart vr all over again. Which takes time and is a massive pain especially when software issues are bloody rampant. So instead of restarting vr to use the second battery, you'll go "Fuck this shit 😠 Never getting a stupid VIVE product again." then come to the forums to bitch about vive and its dogshit design and fucking infinite array of issues.

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Mhm. coming back to warn anyone looking for a wireless adapter, at least for anything fancier than the OG Vive "1": dont. the wireless adapter is fucking ass. it is fantastic to be free of vives sticky heavy long tangly twisty shitty fucking cable, but the wireless adapter means you have these issues:

-more software issues/crashes and bullshit. massive fucking red flag here. software bugs in vr is not acceptable, full stop.
-2 hour battery life with zero warning that it will turn off.
-the wireless receiver on your head gets to fucking 90c iirc which will burn you head. to fix this you need to mod on a little fan. to power the fan you cant just plug it into the wireless battery or the headset, because the headset is fucky and bitchy. so instead you need to also mod on a little battery just for the fan. this adds weight and worsens the center of mass and is another fucking thing to charge
-its fucking expensive
-it has AWFUL compression and bitrate bullshit
-it has hard to notice but still significant latency that is obvious in fast games like beat saber and blade and sorcery
-it has AWFULLY low brightness and contrast
-it will gray screen more often because the wireless signal might get interrupted or maybe some bullshit issue in your computer fucks up the transmitter card or some shit.


the cable is fucking awful but the wireless is somehow fucking worse. you will get used to the cable with time, just like with getting used to motion sickness.

but overall never buy shit from vive. they make such awful bullshit. awful designs that crash all the fucking time.

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