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[Native] How to get VIVE Tracker pose

Vivi Wu

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To get VIVE Tracker pose for Native support.

Download the sample code and follow the following steps.

Sample code : helloTrackerNotifyDS.cpp

Follow the steps to get tracker pose:

  1. Set up feature in AndroidManifest.xml of app
  2. Define global variables
  3. If tracker feature is supported, call function WVR_StartTracker() to start tracker feature at the initial stage of app.
  4. If the connected event has been received,
    1. check tracker capabilities to know what capability is supported.
    2. If battery capability is supported, first get battery level of trackerimage.thumb.png.ff71337996d5a1e94b37dadff1e96282.png
  5. Other tracker related event
  6. Continuously get pose data
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