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HTC Vive Pro 2 - Controller Issues


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Hello there HTC users! I'm a new Vive Pro 2 user but unfortunately I have some issues with my set. I tried to contact the support and the only one Bulgarian VR Service but without result. My last hope is that I'll find someone who had the same issue. So, the case is:


When starting a game, no matter which one, after 5 to 20 minutes of play, one of the joysticks loses connection with the station (which is a 1.0 base station number). When using SteamVR's "Identify Controller" option, the controller in question vibrates, even though according to the software, the controller in question has no connection to it. Even if I turn it off and on again - nothing happens. I will also try to forward you the transcript of my communication with Vive Support where we tried to restart the controller several times but nothing changed. I am also attaching a photo of the box with the serial numbers, serial number of the headset, and a photo of the Base Station. Thank you in advance.

PS: At the time of writing the topic, my brother informed me that the other joystick had the same problem, which means that it's not always the same one. (However, he is 9 and his claim is a bit questionable, but it's good to let you know)

The joysticks have the same identifiers on them and I can't tell them apart except that on the problem joystick I lifted the plastic that tightens the joystick cord around the wrist.

I read some topics which say that other controllers may affect that, so...I also have Logitech G29. I thought that this could be a problem aswell. 



Headset & Serial Numberhttps://prnt.sc/L6EmWAIGFL-l

Base Station: https://prnt.sc/UEF721440jtd

Box with Serial Number: https://prnt.sc/7oW_qy-fbh6V



**My conversation with Vive Support:**


(05:10:20) *** Ivan Radev joined the chat ***
(05:10:20) Ivan Radev: Hello there! I'm a HTC Vive Pro 2 user and I have some issues. When I start playing a game, my controller lose tracking by the station. It's always the same controller, and it makes it in every game. For some reason I only have 1 base station 1.0 & my controllers are black, not purple like the Pro 2 ones. How can I fix this? Thank you in advance!
(05:11:11) Wilson E.: Hello Ivan!! Thanks for contacting HTC, my name is Wilson. I will be more than happy to assist you today
(05:12:10) Ivan Radev: Hello Wilson! I really appreciate your assistance!
(05:13:00) Wilson E.: Hi Ivan, I'm sorry to read that you are having issues with your controller
(05:13:25) Wilson E.: Is this happening always with the same controller?
(05:13:34) Ivan Radev: Yup, it's always the same controller.
(05:14:17) Wilson E.: Thanks
(05:14:47) Wilson E.: Could you please try to reset it?
(05:14:47) Wilson E. uploaded: Reset Controller.pdf
URL: https://htcglobal.zendesk.com/attachments/token/LBkWWz6AGiED6y5AKCHQHrzJv/?name=Reset+Controller.pdf
Type: application/pdf
Size: 276532
(05:15:03) Wilson E.: Please follow the steps on that document and let me know if that helps
(05:15:05) Ivan Radev: Yes, of course
(05:15:22) Ivan Radev: But I guess I'll need some time because I'll have to try it in game aswell, right?
(05:15:28) Wilson E.: Thank you
(05:15:30) Wilson E.: Yes please
(05:15:33) Wilson E.: No worries, take your time
(05:20:36) Wilson E.: I'm just refreshing the chat here
(05:23:35) Ivan Radev: Uhm, one question...while resetting the controller - should it be turned on, or I should reset it while it's off?
(05:24:22) Wilson E.: Turn it off please
(05:24:35) Ivan Radev: Ookay
(05:27:15) Ivan Radev: Well, I think that I did it, but when I plugged it into the PC, the control lamp turned on with delay (like, it wasn't exactly when I plugged it in my pc, it turned on after 4, 5 seconds). I unplugged it, and the control lamp is still on
(05:27:19) Ivan Radev: And it's in red
(05:27:46) Ivan Radev: And there wasn't any "new device" notification
(05:28:14) Wilson E.: Thanks Ivan
(05:28:32) Wilson E.: Could you please try it again but with the controller on?
(05:28:38) Ivan Radev: Yeah, no problem
(05:29:28) Ivan Radev: Uhm...well, when I press the button to turn it on - nothing happens. No vibration, sound...nothing. It still glows in red
(05:30:53) Wilson E.: Could you please connect it to the charger and disconnected it and let me know if the light changes?
(05:31:07) Ivan Radev: Yes
(05:32:18) Ivan Radev: Nothing changes
(05:32:28) Wilson E.: It still gives you a red light?
(05:32:55) Ivan Radev: I can't find the charger that I usually use. I tried with 2 different chargers that work, but can they affect the controller somehow?
(05:33:02) Ivan Radev: Yes, it still glows in red
(05:33:26) Wilson E.: It should work with any charger
(05:33:36) Ivan Radev: Well, I don't know then.
(05:33:45) Ivan Radev: There is no reaction when I plug it
(05:33:49) Wilson E.: Could you please try again to reset it, for last time and let me know if that works
(05:33:57) Ivan Radev: Yes, of course
(05:34:09) Ivan Radev: Following the steps from the PDF, right?
(05:34:34) Wilson E.: Yes please
(05:35:51) Ivan Radev: Well, when I unplugged it, the red lamp went off.
(05:36:09) Ivan Radev: But I didn't receive the "New Device" notification again.
(05:36:28) Wilson E.: Thanks Ivan
(05:36:40) Wilson E.: Could you please test the controller and see if is working?
(05:36:53) Ivan Radev: Yup, please give me like...10-15 mins
(05:37:00) Wilson E.: Sure!
(05:37:18) Wilson E.: I will refresh the chat here while I'm waiting
(05:39:47) Ivan Radev: Well, it just went off again
(05:40:11) Wilson E.: Is not turning on?
(05:40:26) Ivan Radev: Steam VR says: "Searching: This controller is not currently tracking"
(05:40:39) Ivan Radev: No, the controller is on, but somehow it lost connection with the base
(05:41:34) Ivan Radev: When I press "Identify Controller" - it Vibrates and green light flashes. Yup, but SteamVR can't track it. It's always the same one.
(05:42:20) Wilson E.: And the base station is detecting the other controller, right?
(05:42:58) Ivan Radev: Yes
(05:43:09) Ivan Radev: It also detects the Headset
(05:43:34) Wilson E.: Thanks Ivan
(05:43:45) Ivan Radev: You're welcome Wilson!
(05:44:03) Ivan Radev: Would you need a system report or something?
(05:44:25) Wilson E.: We can try to erase the cache on SteamVR
(05:44:26) Wilson E. uploaded: Clear SteamVR Cache.pdf
URL: https://htcglobal.zendesk.com/attachments/token/lNYpeWMFiwQ2EJypTdemS4PUC/?name=Clear+SteamVR+Cache.pdf
Type: application/pdf
Size: 376445
(05:44:44) Wilson E.: Maybe you will have to re do the play area setup, so please let me know once you finish
(05:45:47) Ivan Radev: Ok
(05:46:05) Wilson E.: Thanks Ivan, please let me know once you finish
(05:47:12) Ivan Radev: I see a "Verify integrity of tool files" , not tool cache.
(05:48:07) Wilson E.: Please click on Verify integrity of tool files
(05:50:20) Ivan Radev: Ok, it says that all the 6060 files were verified sucessfully
(05:50:29) Wilson E.: Great!
(05:51:01) Wilson E.: If you have already finished, please open again SteamVR
(05:51:35) Ivan Radev: Ok, I'll try again with the same game
(05:51:46) Wilson E.: Thank you Ivan
(05:52:14) Ivan Radev: Ok, now that controller is not detected
(05:52:20) Ivan Radev: Like, at all
(05:52:51) Ivan Radev: https://prnt.sc/A0s-9l6Yc1BJ
(05:53:19) Wilson E.: Thanks Ivan
(05:53:30) Wilson E.: Could you please send me the controller serial number?
(05:53:37) Wilson E.: You will find it on the box
(05:55:22) Ivan Radev: uhm well, i have the main box, the one for the set (number 4) and the one for the linkbox (number 3)
(05:56:44) Wilson E.: Do you see there the controller serial number?
(05:56:44) Wilson E. uploaded: image.png
URL: https://htcglobal.zendesk.com/attachments/token/qclIt2HY093QsB3mzmzpVNKqk/?name=image.png
Type: image/png
Size: 900687
(05:58:52) Ivan Radev: Well, on the back of the main box I see 3 barcodes, but they aren't specified like the one from the photo.

I have:

P / N : 99HASW004 - 00
S / N : FA1662X01309
EAN 4 718487 719167
(06:00:34) Wilson E.: Did you purchase the headset with the controllers?
(06:01:39) Ivan Radev: Uhm well, my parents gifted the set to me. As far as I know they bought it second hand. They bought the set, the two BLACK controllers (not the purple one from the main Pro 2 set) and 1 x 1.0 tracking base from the same person, so...yeah
(06:03:52) Wilson E.: Thanks Ivan
(06:04:00) Wilson E.: I can use the headset serial number?
(06:04:07) Wilson E.: Sorry
(06:04:12) Wilson E.: ith no question mark haha
(06:04:19) Wilson E.: The one that you gave me is for the combo
(06:04:41) Wilson E.: Let me share with you a picture to find the headset serial number
(06:04:48) Wilson E. uploaded: Pro SN.png
URL: https://htcglobal.zendesk.com/attachments/token/8SyiUUC99BnvcEi0sHREmMSg8/?name=Pro+SN.png
Type: image/png
Size: 341261
(06:04:49) Ivan Radev: Yup, that'd be great
(06:04:55) Ivan Radev: Give me just a second
(06:06:00) Wilson E.: Take your time
(06:07:50) Ivan Radev: it's S / N : HT16J2V00608 2021 / 06
(06:08:18) Wilson E.: Thanks Ivan
(06:09:15) Wilson E.: The system shows me that the unit is from Germany
(06:09:20) Wilson E.: Are you located in Germany?
(06:09:57) Ivan Radev: No, I'm in Bulgaria, but the unit was bought from Germany
(06:10:07) Wilson E.: Thanks Ivan
(06:11:36) Wilson E.: At this point, I think that the best option is to repair your controller, but this is the US and Canada channel, so I don't have here the information about the repair process in your region. Let me share with you the link to contact your region https://www.vive.com/eu/support/contactus/
(06:12:05) Ivan Radev: I contacted to a local service and they told me that HTC has a service in Romania. Is that true?
(06:12:50) Wilson E.: I don't have that information Ivan, my advice is to contact the European team and see if they have support on your country
(06:14:07) Ivan Radev: Ok then! Thank you so much Wilson. Wish you all the best!
(06:14:15) Wilson E.: Thanks Ivan
(06:14:33) Wilson E.: Have a great day Ivan!
(06:14:39) Ivan Radev: Thank you!
(06:14:45) *** Ivan Radev left the chat ***

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