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Should I upgrade headset, mod it, or keep using it?


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Back in 2016, I bought the original Vive headset. I only used it 2 or 3 times until last winter (2021) when I finally set it up in my room and really started playing games with it. I was looking forward to BoneLab coming out (I'm going to wait for a sale to buy it) but I saw that it doesn't have support for Vive and that the game also looks terrible on the original Vive headset. The screendooring is pretty bad on the headset, and the poor resolution has always been a complaint of mine. I also know I can play BoneLab with it, it just isn't set up for Vive. Should I upgrade to Valve Index or an HTC product, modify my Vive to make the display better somehow (I read something about Gear VR Lens but I'm not 100% sure what it is yet or if it's compatible with my headset), or just stick it out with my current headset? Thanks!

If I were to upgrade with a current HTC product, which one would you recommend? I don't care about wireless. I also may have the opportunity to buy an Index from a friend if that would be a better deal than getting a new Index or HTC product.

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