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[Product Proposal] VIVE Trajectory


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Since the decision by Monogram in Aug 2022 not to support Unreal Engine 5, or current builds of Unity, there are no truly dedicated MIDI Controller solutions for Indie creators. Some open-source projects are available online, but a certain amount of programming and Arduino expertise are required, as these almost always need purchase and assembly of components first.

This thread, therefore, is a proposal for an out-of-the-box MIDI Controller for Indie Virtual Production, designed to support solo operators and small teams.

Its purpose would, initially, remote operate gear connected to VIVE Mars CamTrack rovers, though could offer compatibility later for sliders, gimbals and Focus/Zoom Demand systems of most manufacturers, via a dongle that could be plugged into the camera.

Through review of alternative MIDI and Broadcast interfaces, I recommend a primary console consisting of a medium to large orbiter, four touch-sensitive flying faders, four dials, several main buttons, 8 illuminated pads and 8 programmable macro buttons, with four channel strip LCDs to display important information. Then, docking connectors either side could support a separate camera console, sporting a 3-Axis joystick and control panel, with an LCD Preview/Menu display to show what each camera sees.

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