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Vive Pro 2 questions


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Hi :)

Back to the forum of my first love - the Vive! Was one of the first to get OG Vive, have since owned Vive Pro, Oculus Rift CV1, Pimax 5K+, Pimax 8KX and Quest 2.

I currently am left with three:

Pimax 8KX - hands down best HMD ever for the clarity and FOV except in needs to be cabled in --> so I use for sims

Quest 2 - easy and quick to start up, lovely and light, obviously wireless. Can take it on holiday with me- --> so I use for cardio workouts daily

Vive Pro - for when I want to do PCVR wirelessly with the official wireless adapter I have. Shame though because it's nowhere near as good as the Pimax's FOV, but also nowhere near as easy to use and light as the Quest 2. And the lenses are BLOODY AWFUL just like the OG Vive. Horrible blurry edges. At least it has OLED for lovely blacks though.

I would go Index but it doesn't do wireless so may as well stay with Pimax for sims. But I'm considering Vive Pro 2 after someone mentioned it on another thread where I was considering a Pico 4 to supersede by Quest 2 because I see it has a wider FOV of 120!

So my Qs are:

1 - Will the wireless work with the adapter I have for the Vive Pro 1?

2 - Is the FOV noticeable better than it is for the Vive Pro 1?

3 - Most importantly, are the lenses as awful as OG vive and Vive Pro 1 ? Like - blurry at edges just sharper in the middle (EDIT: i know fresnel has issues generally but nothing else (pimax, oculus) has the issues OG vive/vive pro lenses have)

THanks in advance!

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