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HTC Vive Wand in Vivecraft, Turning fix


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If anyone is having an issue with moving in Vivecraft, here i come with help. First of all, it won't be perfect but playable.

1 - Open the SteamVR Dashboard via the system button on your controller.
2 - Click on the game (The small icon square of the game)
3 - Click ‘Controller Bindings’ from the dashboard menu.
4 - Change "Active Controller Binding" From Default to Custom
5 - Then Below Click "Click Edit This Binding"
6 - Now if a Big menu opens up with categories on top (In-game, Gui, Global) in the In-Game, Choose witch one contoller would u like to rotate AND move so either left or right.
7 - When u choose witch one, scroll till u see Touchpad, and create new one with the old one being still there, now in the position choose "Walk and Rotate".
8 - Now save in the left down corner.
9 - In-game now go to vr settings -> locomotion settings -> free move smth --> and choose the HMD movement as it's only the best one for fixing it.
10 - Congratulations, U just fixed ur movement, i hope anyone is gonna use this and dont lose time as i did, searching for how to do it.

After doing all of this u should also in the same binding menu change sprint and sneak if u choose ur left dpad cause u cant walk and sneak using same dpad unfortunate.

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- Open the SteamVR Dashboard via the system button on your controller. ... 3 - Click 'Controller Bindings' from the dashboard menu. ... 6 - Now if ... In game I can use the wands to jump, drop current item, and open the    clickercounter.org/spacebar-clicker inventory but crosshair does not appear in menu. Note that rotation is not bound by default to Vive wands. Rotate Right and Left can be found in the radial menu. If you wish to bind rotation to a Vive touchpad ...Yes. Controllers with a joystick will default to this type. Vive wands, lacking joysticks, do not. To enable touchpad movement for Vive Wands you must bind the ...Steam with SteamVR installed and configured. A SteamVR-compatible headset such as the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift S, Valve Index, or Windows MR. OR A non-compatible ...SteamVR supports the Valve Index, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Windows Mixed ... The latest versions of Vivecraft provides default controls for Vive Wands, ...

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