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Two ways of using Vive Flow with PC: Vridge (SteamVR) and NoVNC (Desktop)


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I'd like to share two ways of using the Vive Flow with your PC. For both you need a good 5ghz wifi connection, ideally with your PC connected over ethernet. 

1. Vridge

One way is with Vridge / Riftcat, which is the only program I know of which allows you to use the Flow with SteamVR. 

You have to install Riftcat on your PC, which can be downloaded on their website and then you have to install vridge on the Vive Flow. 


Since it is not fully supported on the Vive Flow, you have to sideload it e.g., with Sidequest. You can find the apk-File in this reddit thread or in the direct link below.

Newbie help on installing Vridge on Vive Flow. : vridge (reddit.com)


The main current problem with it is that you only see a full image if you look straight forward, when you move your head around, the area where an image is displayed stays in the "looking straigt forward position". Which means that you see more and more black if you move your head to the side, while the "window" where the image is displayed stays in a fixed area. But the image in that area is still moving with head tracking.

You can test it for free but have to buy to use it more than 10 minutes at a time (for me the biggest change in image quality happened after I turned on "Prevent frame loss" which allowed me to use a Bitrate of 50 Mbps with the media foundation encoder and half native fps). 

I recently talked to someone from the developers in the reddit thread posted above about this problem and they thought about trying to fixing it for an update in November, but sadly it now won't be part of the update. If think if there was more interested in using it with Vive Flow it, they might still do it. Maybe leave a comment in the reddit thread if you are interested in using Vridge 🙂

You can also buy "GameWarp" as a function which allows you to display windows from your desktop on a virtual screen in VR to play games or videos. It doesn't work well to work or read on it though. Also, it only works stable for me if I keep the virtual screen in a fixed position ("reprojection" option) instead of following my head movements. 

2. NoVNC

The next way I use my Vive Flow with my PC allows me to get a clear picture of my Desktop to read or work with the Flow. It can also be used to watch movies or play games on a virtual monitor but does need a faster PC and better connection for it than with Vridge. 

The way to that is to use Virtual Network Computing (VNC) which allows sharing a Desktop as well as remote Control it (though mainly I just use my normal PC controls). All that can be done without installing anything on the Vive Flow but just using the Vive Browser already installed and connecting to your computers local IP, with the help of NoVNC. For this to work you have to install several programs, but I did it with the help of this very easy to follow Tutorial:

If you follow the Tutorial and everything works, you also need to configure the tight VNC Server to detect that a video is played if you want to use it for that or for gaming. To do this you need to add "Class names of video Windows" e.g. "Chrome_WidgetWin_1" or "MozillaWindowClass" for Edge / Firefox. I haven't tested it enough yet but for games I tried having one of those windows open and then starting the game in windowed fullscreen mode, which seemed to work. 

There was another small issue for me. You can put the browser window in Fullscreen on the Flow but a small handle for the control bar remains to be seen. If want to only see your screen you, can you make that invisible but still clickable.  Go to your nginx folder and locate “base.css” (nginx-1.22.0\html\app\styles\base.css), open it with a text editor and search for “noVNC_control_bar_handle”. There you can add “opacity: 0;” as well as delete or comment out the box-shadow, this will make the handle invisible, but you can still click on it to get the control bar back. It might help to also increase the size of the handle to make it easier to click it (e.g., I changed the height to “height: 40vh;”).


I hope this helps some of you to get more out of your Vive Flow 😊

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I mainly like to play games with SteamVR that can be controlled with keyboard and mouse or gamepad, since the Vive Flow doesn't have VR controllers. Mainly I played games that are not made for VR and use VR injection (VorpX) or VR Mods (e.g. like the Dear Esther VR Mod linked below). Driving and flying games should work well, too. 



(Installation instructions are in the video description, for me I had to start the game after installing the mod with the "DearEsther (Patch & Launch)" shortcut in the steam folder for it to start in VR)


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