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I found a solution, to a problem that I encountered, when I was reinstalling


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I just recently reset my operating System. When I went to go reinstall my Vive Cosmos Elite it tried to install Steam when I had already installed it. I closed the installer, and tried again. This time when I went to install it I got an error with explorer.exe. I checked my Programs, and to my surprise Vive Software, Viveport, and Viveport Diagnostics were still installed somehow. Even though I just reset my PC. I went to Delete them, but it refused because it claimed the applications were still in use. I then tried to force delete the Directory through command prompt, and still no luck. It would not Delete. So I then went to the directory, and hit Shift + Delete to try to force it. It then brought up the processes that were open. I could click try again, skip, and cancel. Well each time I hit skip it showed me another process that was running. Well now since I had the process names it made it easy. I just had to go and end them all. Something weird happened though. I ended all the processes, and deleted the directory. When I tried to reinstall the software it would just crash part way through. I then went back to the newly created directory. Lo and behold there was suddenly a bunch of new Processes that were not ending. So I repeated the steps above by ending them all, and deleting the directory yet again. Finally on the third time it reinstalled.

If anyone else is having a similar problem this might be your solution. Note: I used this Free software from the Microsoft store https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/downloads/process-explorer Once you get the process name just type it into the search bar, and it will bring it up.


Hope this helps someone. Cheers.

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asdfghjk I ran into a new problem, but I finally found a solution after a long freaking time! First off the Problem. My HTC VIVE just quit working all of a sudden. No error Messages/error logs, etc... It just would not start! After messing with it for a long time I gave up, and reset my PC yet again! Since the last time mentioned above. When it was Reset, I don't know why, but somehow HTC VIVE & VIVEPORT were still installed. Just like last time! Maybe it has something to do with One Drive. I honestly don't know. Well this time around I simply could not reinstall the software. I did not run into any errors. It would start installing, and part way in it would just stop and go no further. I went into RegEdit, and deleted HTC Vive Registries... That did nothing... So then I tried this, that, and the other. I came across a post on Redit of someone else's solution. It was to Delete All temporary Files. Not just ones dealing with the Vive. So I went to go do that, and it deleted everything except one thing. It was a file labeled f6d6b7eb-1c40-4481-b9f2-63f93267b400.tmp, and it refused to Delete it because it was running in Microsoft Edge. In Task Manager Microsoft Edge was not running. So I went and used the program above again. Lo and behold Microsoft Edge was running for two different process Trees. The first was msedgewebview2.exe That is tied to system Files so I did not try ending that one. The other was not so I ended it. After I ended the process I tried installing again (without deleting f6d6b7eb-1c40-4481-b9f2-63f93267b400.tmp), and I was finally able to reinstall my HTC VIVE Elite, and everything appears to be working now.


So either 1, of 2 things happened. Something went Haywire on HTC VIVES end, or it is going Haywire on Microsofts end.

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