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Another DCS Motion Control Question


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Let me start off by saying I have a full Hotas setup. I still want to use my Hotas. I am currently using the mouse to click things in the cockpit. This works just fine. This isn’t a question about how to use the clickable cockpit buttons and switches but just strictly how to use the Vive wands to manipulate cockpit switches. So please don’t recommend voice attack or set mouse buttons to the hotas and putting the cursor centered on the view. I’d rather just use the mouse lol.

I just want to keep the wands in my lap and pick them up to manipulate cockpit switches then set them back down and grab the hotas. I know about the upside down for right click, but it appears the track pad isn’t implemented at all. Just wondering if anyone is using it successfully or if I just need to continue using my mouse. Just seems like it could be an extremely immersive way to play the game if it’s just me doing something wrong. Using a hybrid of physical hotas and vr motion controls sounds amazing.

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