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Vive Pro 2 Eye Strain .... any fixes?


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I've been in the Vive Ecosystem since 2017, owned a Vive, Vive Pro, and most recently a Vive Pro 2. I've had the VP2 about 1 year, and recently started using a Quest 2 sometimes in my living room.

Now that I'm using the Q2 a lot, I'm noticing a TON of eye strain on the VP2. It has been subtle enough that I haven't noticed my VR usage going down and down over the last few months as a result.

HTC says they can't help me. I measured my IPD at 69mm but that hurts, all the settings hurt. I never felt this in the previous Vive headsets, and I don't feel it in the Quest 2.

Has anyone come up with a way to fix this? I can't return mine so I may be SOL

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