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Vive Business Streaming 1.09.8 - Public release notes


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VIVE Business Streaming Software - 1.09.8 - Release notes
Released November 3rd, 2022

Release Highlights

Focus 3 Eye Tracker and Facial Tracker support

The new Focus 3 Eye Tracker and Facial Trackers bring more natural and immersive VR experience with human emotions.

In VBS 1.09, we bring Focus 3 Eye Tracker and Facial Tracker to PC VR contents. VBS 1.09 supports both standard OpenXR and VIVE Sense (SRanipal) Eye and Facial Tracking SDK.
Developers can choose the SDK on their preferences.

For existed PC contents developed for VIVE Pro Eye and Facial Tracker, it will also work on Focus 3 over VBS with the VIVE Focus 3 Eye Tracker and VIVE Focus 3 Facial Tracker installed.
Developers only needs to re-package the content with updated VIVE Sense SDK with no code change needed.

For more development information, please visit VIVE Forum:

VBS Console UI revised

Redesigned VBS Console UI for better user experience with new features.

More OpenXR support

VBS commits to support PC OpenXR contents. Regarding OpenXR extensions support, VBS already support VIVE Tracker interaction profile.
In VBS 1.09 not only supports OpenXR eye gaze extension and eye/lip facial tracking extensions, and supports Focus 3 controller interaction profile to allow developers to develop PC OpenXR contents for Focus 3.

Improved content compatibility

New Compatibility mode is available in Settings > Input > Controller, which enables more contents without proper bindings to work with Vive Business Streaming.

Detail Change List

VIVE Business Streaming console  - 1.09.8 

  • Now supports OpenXR eye gaze extension (Requires the VIVE Focus 3 Eye Tracker to be installed).  
  • Now supports OpenXR facial tracking extension (Requires the VIVE Focus 3 Eye Tracker and Facial Tracker to be installed).  
  • Now supports SRanipal facial tracking contents (Requires the VIVE Focus 3 Eye Tracker, Facial Tracker to be installed and SRAnipal or later).  
  • Supports OpenXR vive_focus3_controller profile.
    • OpenXR developers can now develop with vive_focus3_controller interaction profile to run with SteamVR Runtime on VBS and Focus 3. Uncheck Compatibility mode in Settings > Input > Controller to enable.
  • Focus 3 controller can now work with Boneworks (Thanks for Jeremy from SLZ).
  • Updated higher fidelity Focus 3 render model under SteamVR environment.
  • Updated VIVE Wrist Tracker icon to SteamVR monitor to show the correct style when device connected.
  • Provides OpenXR API layer register in Settings > Advanced.
  • Redesigned PC Console UI for upcoming features updates. 
  • Restores SteamVR background to customized background when exiting Vive Business Streaming session.
  • Improved wireless streaming with reduced packet loss rate.
  • Fixed a potential issue that two eye textures may incorrectly render.
  • Fixed an issue which controller grip button could report wrong value.
  • Fixed an issue that hand tracking may not work when controller is turned off.
  • Fixed a bug causing incorrect VIVE Wrist Tracker status when streaming section is disconnected.
  • Fixed an issue which VBS Console may show incorrect Bitrate setting when the connection is established.
  • Fixed a bug causing console freeze at launch issue on some PCs.
  • Fixed a bug causing console crash when PC has no audio device.

VIVE Business Streaming app -

  • Supports Focus 3 Eye Tracker and Facial Tracker.
  • Supports config file auto backup and restore from backup when client config file loss or corrupted.
  • Improved the connection notification UX behavior on VIVE Business Streaming app notifications.
  • Improved Wrist Tracker data efficiency. 
  • Fixed Joystick value error if it is being touched before VBS connection.


  • Eye and facial expression features require Focus 3 software update 5.0.999.646 or later.
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18 hours ago, copelandmaster said:

Just to be clear, games with existing VIVE Pro Eye+FT support still have to be patched/updated on the developer side before Eye and Face tracking will work on a Focus 3, correct? 

Yes, we are also updating SRAnipal runtime today via VIVE Console Beta. so everything should be in place by end of today. 

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