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how to watch a 360° video ?


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There are many ways 
1) Youtube - open youtube, and select a 360 video - some older videos require you to set the options to show as 360. Which looks roughly like this 

2) Put it on the sdcard/memory, for instance by putting the file on the headset by connecting to usb and browsing copying it to the headset in windows explorer or uploading using sidequest. Then go to settings->browse files and then find the file that you uploaded and it should play. Alternatively, there are movie playing apps in the vive store as well

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To watch a 360° video, you will need a virtual reality headset. Once you have your headset, you can either purchase or rent a 360° video from a provider such as Oculus, HTC Vive, or Samsung Gear. Once you have your video, you can launch it in your headset and be transported into the 360° world.

Regards: malloftoys

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