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使用Vive Focus3开发中的一些疑问/Some questions in development with Vive Focus3


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1.使用vive focus3进行软件开发,需要实现同时12人多人联机,在一个大约100平方米的场景下一同行动,互相可见,并且虚拟场景与现实环境准确对齐,请问是否有什么合适的实现方式?
2.我们注意到了官方宣传的多人联机VIVE Business Training服务以及通过扫描ArUco二维码进行空间定位等技术,但是我们不太理解它的具体实现原理。如果我们要达到需要的效果,是否只能购买官方的服务,如果需要购买,该如何购买,是提供一整套服务还是需要单独购买?

1. Using vive focus3 for software development, we need to achieve 12 people online at the same time, moving together in a scene of about 100 square meters, visible to each other, and the virtual scene is accurately aligned with the real environment, is there any suitable way to achieve this?
2. We noticed the official promotion of the multiplayer VIVE Business Training service and the technology of spatial positioning by scanning the ArUco QR code, but we don't quite understand how it is implemented. If we want to achieve the desired effect, can we only buy the official service, and if so, how should we buy it, and does it provide a whole set of services or do we need to buy it separately?
3. What is the ArUco QR code generated by?
4. Where can I download the development documents about spatial positioning technology?
5. In addition, when I use focus3, I found that after connecting to wifi, I can log in and display the application mall normally, and the browser can open the web page normally, but when downloading applications from the mall, it shows that the Internet connection is unstable, so I cannot download applications, even after resetting the device.

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