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OpenXR for mobile - Facial Tracking Release

Vivi Wu

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You might already know VIVE Focus 3 gets Facial Tracker and Eye Tracker.

Now you can use OpenXR for mobile to create facial tracking project.


Tutorial : Getting data of Facial Tracking


VIVE OpenXR for Mobile - 1.0.3 Release Information:

▪ Unity Engine Version: 2020.3, 2021.3

Target Platform: Android ( arm64 ONLY )

▪ Graphics API: OpenGLES3, Vulkan

▪ OpenXR Loader Version: Khronos openxr_loader_for_android-1.0.23

Added Features:

Interaction: Facial tracking


If you want to develop the PC VR content of Facial tracking, please visit OpenXR for PC VR facial tracking tutorial.

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