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Vive Flow - Unity projects optimizitation.

Jose Ferrer Costa

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Hello everyone, I´m trying to bring some projects from unity into the vive flow, but they´re quite heavy and the rendering is really lagged... Is there any tutorial or guide about how to make a better and optimized unity project for the flow?

It´s some different scenarios with guided audio for an educational program I´m doing a research with another headset. There´s not interaction so I thought it could be a good use case for the flow, but I´m using high poly and high resolution objects and textures.

I´ve noticed some of the apps in the vive use very low poly meshes or low resolution images-textures, is that the trick?

Thank you very much!

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Hi @Jose Ferrer Costa

Optimization is a big topic, and different projects can hit different limits.

My first step is usually to take a look at the profiler and the memory profiler to see where most of the hiccups are coming from. https://learn.unity.com/tutorial/introduction-to-optimization-in-unity# is a reasonable high level overview, and from there you can dive into the appropriate sub-tool once the "slow" portion of the app has been identified. Usually when profiling using smaller textures when appropriate for the app, making sure that there aren't any unnecessary memory allocations, and appropriate graphics settings for the device (ie no 8x aa or massive post-processing on devices with performance concerns).

Another way to get a sense of this is to try changing the quality settings of a unity project, as another point of reference.


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