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Losing tracking??


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Not sure what is happening, I get grey screens and audio continues. I know since I'm playing with friends that nothing is tracking. My game video view is frozen on PC but I can receive all the audio that seems fine. I don't know where or what to do to start trouble shooting. But this is the stuff I've tried from searching up issues. i7 10700k, Asus x590, rtx 3070.

The games are all installed on a raid 0, the drives are Seagate barracudas. ( I also have the issue if running from the NVME SSD )

I have Vive Pro HMD, Vive Wireless, 3 lighthouses, Vive pro controllers and knuckles. Happens on either set of controllers.

Happens when using either the 21W battery or the larger QCharge3.0 battery pack that I bought for longer play sessions. And it never seems to happen to quick its usually at least 10 mins or more that I'm able to play but it always happens at the worst times... :(

Play area is roughly 12' x 12'. normally I see under 10ms at all times when playing any game.

1. I have disabled the power management via dev tools (multiple times).

2. I have removed all VR devices from the system.

3. The only thing in the room that is a large reflective surface is a 70 inch tv. ( I have played with cloth over the tv and still can get the issue ).

4. I have also reinstalled windows and all games.

The receiver does seem warm sometimes. Not sure if is overheated. I'm using Config for connection 1. and lighthouses are on freg 1,2,3.

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Hi! It sounds like you've been experiencing some issues with your VR setup. Have you tried reaching out to the manufacturer or support for assistance? Also, it might be helpful to try checking for any firmware or driver updates for your devices. If you haven't tried it yet, I would also recommend checking for any interference from other nearby devices that might be affecting your VR setup. Quick Newportnews Service offers top-notch support and repair services for VR systems, so it might be worth considering reaching out to them for further assistance. Good luck!

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