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Do I have enough video card?


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I purchased the Vive Pro 2 for my son.  He's running an AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3960x, 24-core at 4GHz with 128 gigs of RAM and a 4TB NvME.  

The video card is a Radeon 6700XT and I need to know if that's enough video card for the Vive Pro 2.

If not, can you recommend the best video card for the Vive Pro 2?

Thank you


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To take full advantage of the high resolution (depending on the game) of the headset sometimes a nvidia 4090 is needed but the current gen card prices are simply outrageous. But he'll be fine with the nvidia 3080 or the AMD 6900 xt, in my opinion. 

I own the 3060ti and I'm going to upgrade to the 3080. 

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The Radeon 6700XT is a powerful video card and should be capable of running the Vive Pro 2. However, it's always recommended to check the minimum and recommended system requirements for the Vive Pro 2 to ensure that your system meets the necessary specifications but in my opinion a radeon 6700XT  Graphic card is enough for playing Vive pro 2 in highest settings.

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