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I want to change the frame rate of unity using VIVE Pro eye.


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I am currently doing research at a university in Japan.
I would like to use the eye tracking function of VIVE Pro Eye to acquire eye data and use it for my research.
I have some questions about using VIVE Pro eye, and I would appreciate your answers if you know anything about it.

・I am currently using FixedUpdata() on unity to get the eye data and write it to Csv. I want to get the eye data at 120Hz eye tracking, but when I use steamVR, the unity frame rate (Edit -> Project Setting -> Time -> Fixed Timestep) is locked to 0.011111. I think this is probably due to steamVR, but how can I change it?

The development environment is as follows.
・windows 10
・unity 2019.4.12f1
・steamVR Plugin 2.7.3
・VIVE Pro eye
・steamVR 1.24.7
・SRanipal SDK_v1.3.1.0

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