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Vive Business Streaming Reprojection


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I'm trying to understand fully the render pipeline that Vive Business Streaming uses to render a frame on the headset - specifically the use of reprojection.

I can see that after the frame is distorted and masked there is a reprojection pass occurring which shifts that mask around when you jiggle your head (see the attached GIF); I'm assuming that this process is applied to all applications on the Vive Focus 3.

My question though is: is there an earlier pass of reprojection that VBS specifically applies to the frame to account for the delay between when SteamVR renders the frame image and when it's received on the headset?

I'm writing a custom SteamVR driver that overrides the headset's pose in SteamVR and want to understand if providing an alternative orientation in the SteamVR frame data will interfere with reprojection - so far I haven't been able to confirm this.




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