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[UNITY3d][ANDROID] VIVE Wave XR Plugin 5.1.1 - how to detect headset is mounted / unmounted


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I need to detect when user unmount headset from head to make actions in my game.

I've tried:

XRDevice.isPresent - always true

Wave.OpenXR.InputDeviceControl.IsTracked(Wave.OpenXR.InputDeviceControl.ControlDevice.Head) - always true

Wave.OpenXR.InputDeviceControl.IsConnected(Wave.OpenXR.InputDeviceControl.ControlDevice.Head) - always true

Thank you. 

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Hi @UnendlicheMoeglichkeiten,

We are testing on this, get back to you ASAP when we have the result.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Just to confirm we are talking about the same event.

For 1010, it is event that you take off your HMD and not application paused.

For 1011, it is event that you put your HMD on and not application resumed.

But you previously mentioned that event you got is not related to pausing or stopping the application.

What event did you get?

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Dear @VIVE_chengnay - thanks for the fast reply. We want to read out exactly these two events. So far, we don't get any events as soon as we put on or take off the headset. 
But we do get the 1000 event, for example, when we close the application. 

Inside our WaveVR Pawn we add a the WaveVREventCommon and then listen to the OnAllEvent BP. I attached a screenshot.


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Hi @UnendlicheMoeglichkeiten,

As I know, the two events WVR_EventType_RenderingToBeResumed and WVR_EventType_RenderingToBePaused had already not been sent anymore because the rendering behavior was changing(the rendering process will not been Resumed or Paused). That is to say, the solution in Unity above does not work now,too. The alternative way for Unity is to listen ProximitySensor which is implement by Andoird API directly. 

But Unreal Engine does not have the same feature(API) like that, so we need to listen the event by Android API and JNI. The solution is ongoing, I will share the code snippet by next Monday.

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