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Vive cosmos headset dropping in and out

Howard Webb

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Hi Guys,

Now before I get too deep in too this post I'll admit that I realise this is outside of a normal setup and while I'm trying to get this working, I'm not expecting it to.

I picked up a cheap cosmos headset and it works 100% fine on my PC however I'm also trying to get it working with my laptop and I'm struggling. What will happen is the headset will connect and be discovered fine within the vive software however when using it, it'll intermittently go blank (no display on the headset) and then come back which obviously makes it unplayable.

The laptop, while obviously not as powerful as the PC, does have a i7 11800H, 32GB of RAM and a 3070 so should be able to handle it peerformance wise. Now it dosen't have a DP port so I'm using a port replicator (which I think might be the issue) to get the DP port needed. Its also running Windows 11.

So the question is - what steps, if any, can I take to get this working? Previously I've had a Rift-S working with the hardware but that was on Windows 10 and I originally needed to downgrade from 11 too get that to work - do you think this may solve this issue? The website shows it as Windows 11 compatible.

Many thanks in advance

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