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Business Console VBC settings error


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I'm trying to change the VBC settings on one of the Vive Focus 3 devices we have.

The change results in a 'failure' message where as the previous 3 Focuses succeeded. What could be the issue?
Even configuring the Focuses to the same server IP yields different results. 

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What settings in particular are you trying to change? VBS-related things?
We've observed a file corruption on a couple of our devices that would prevent VBC from reading or writing VBS configs correctly. If that's your problem, a factory reset will not help, since for some reason we haven't figured out, that file corruption reappers on affected devices even after a factory reset.

If you access your devices file system through adb, you should be able to find the following file:


This file stores the configurations like server IP, silent mode, etc. for the VBS client. However, on corrupted devices, you will find this instead:


where "rrClient" is not a folder, but a json file (without file ending) containing some of the configurations instead. If you have this, then that's the reason why VBC fails to write configs.


  1. Copy the config.json from one of the working devices
  2. Customize it with a text editor to reflect the settings you want to have on the corrupted device (e.g. different server IP)
  3. Upload the file to the corrupted device and reboot it
  4. VBC should now be able to read and write settings from the device
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