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Refresh rate of Vive Tracker 3.0


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Hello Vive support team,


I am currently developping an application on Unreal Engine 5.0 with SteamVR where I'm using a Vive Tracker 3.0 without having a HMD connected to the computer.

After some tests, I just realized that the tracker has a way lower refresh rate when there is no HMD connected, 30Hz when there is no HMD against ~90Hz when there is one.

Is there a way for me to get the same refresh rate as if there is a HMD connected?


Best regards,


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Hi Steak,

I was wondering too about the transfer rate of trackers.

I am planning on using trackers and lighthouses in a project without HMD to get live positions of real elements. I've heard it's not supported ?

I can't find any insight about the way trackers differ with/without HMD.

Hopefully, someone has some clues ?




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I have the same issue. I'm using the SteamVR null driver and I have the tracker working in Unity using the SteamVR plugin, but I'm only getting about 30 Hz updates.

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