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006: DisplayPort Connection not stable. Vive Cosmos Error


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Was playing some Boneworks earlier and screen was cutting in and out and sound was transferring to the PC.  After I took a break I realized I had this error son Viveport and the picture would no longer display through the cosmos.  So now the Cosmos is down 100% and not working.  I continue to get this error. 

I have tried the following.

1. Restarted Computer

2. Unplugged EVERYTHING and replugged it back in (including HDMI in headset)

3. Moved DisplayPorts on the graphics card and same issue. 


Intel I7 9700K @4.5GHZ

Board-Asus ROG Maximus XI Hero Wifi

Memory- 32 Gig (forget the brand)

Graphics Card-Nvideo Geforce RTX 2080 Super


Anyone ever run into this issue? 


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