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Vive Pro 2 Wireless Disconnections


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So I recently upgraded my OG Vive to the Vive Pro 2. Love it so far and its worked pretty well wired with only minor driver issues. I decided to hook up my wireless adapter which has always worked flawlessly on my OG vive, but with my VP2 I have had endless issues. The Wireless adaptor connects perfectly but the display instantly just connects and disconnects from steam VR non stop. I spent hours troubleshooting, reading forums, reinstalling drivers and software, resetting settings etc etc. The end result is I now have the adaptor working at 2448x1224, but the moment I turn it up to 3264x1632 and restart the vive console. It immediately goes back to the constant connecting and disconnecting from Steam VR. Best case scenario is seeing the steam vr menu for 3 seconds and then it disconnects again! 80% of the time, I can't even switch it back to 1224 without having to restart my pc to get it working again.


Any help would be much appreciated.


So far I have changed the power settings with the wireless adaptor in the device manager. I have reinstalled all the the vive related software except steam vr. I have reset every setting I could think of. I also changed the defaultvr settings for auto brightness and auto resolution to False. Lastly I disconnected the link box from my pc and swapped my display cable from the vive wireless adaptor kit to the long one from the link box.

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