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Potential Bug: Focus3 Controller not tracked without Cosmos Input Profile


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Hello there,

While setting up a new Unity (Unity 2021.3.19f1, used with Focus3 Headset) project we came accross the following issue: Installing the VIVE OpenXR Package and adding the Focus3 Controller Interaction Profile resulted in the Controllers not being tracked - but the head was tracked. Additionally adding the Cosmos Controller Interaction Profile fixed this issue (head and controllers were tracked), but lead to Unity displaying the following error twice (once per controller):

Could not create a device for 'HTC HTC Vive Cosmos Controller OpenXR (XRInputV1)' (exception: System.ArgumentException: Expected control 'devicePose' to be of type 'PoseControl' but is of type 'PoseControl' instead!
Parameter name: path

We use the same setup in a Unity 2021.3.11f1 project, and the the errors are not present there, however, Cosmos Controller Interaction profile must be added for the controllers to be tracked.

Trying to reproduce the error, we upgraded the project (11f1 to 19f1) where the OpenXR Project Validation prompts:

[Optional] Switch to use InputSystem.XR.PoseControl instead of OpenXR.Input.PoseControl, which will be deprecated in a future release (Fix Button is displayed here)

Fixing this then leads to a reproduction of the error described above, Could not create a device for....

This leads us to the following assumptions:

  1. something in the Input System changed between 2021.3.11f1 and 2021.3.19f1, that leads to errors in 19f1
    1. it does not seem to prevent the Unity project from working as intended, but it is unexpected behaviour and potentially fills logs
  2. The Cosmos Interaction Profile must be added for the Focus3 controllers to be tracked
    1. is this the expected behaviour?
    2. On a side note: this can be bypassed altogether when adding the Oculus Touch Controller profile on its own or in addition

Insights/experiences would be much appreciated.

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