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Cosmos Elite 7900 XT


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Hey guys, anybody else here with a cosmos elite and using a 7900 series GPU? I recently upgraded from a 6800 XT and now the performance in all VR games have dropped significantly. Frames per second can never maintain at 90, they always hover around 60 to 70fps in every game, with very bad stuttering. 

Gpu usage goes straight to 60% as soon as my headset turns on, which is strange because my 6800 xt would only jump to about 30% or 40% usage. This is while no game is running, just headset turned on.

All steamvr settings are the same, including super sampling and per game super sampling at same resolutions as before with the 6800 XT. 

I used DDU to remove old drivers and install new ones for the 7900 XT, so I'm not sure what's going on. 

Anybody else experiencing this?




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