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The controllers to the vive cosmos are garbo to the max are they working on better controllers that are rechargeable, because I feel ripped off spending over 800 for the cosmos elite. One of the bases died on me I sent it to get repaired i haven't seen it in like almost 20 days I need to add that the base died after 2 months of use and I didn't even use it that much. I hate the pad thingy that's on the controllers. Seriously why no sticks? I don't see a reason to not use sticks over this shitty pad and if you were trying to be cute by being "original" DON'T, okay the pads are shit and it makes playing games a slog. When i bought this thing 5-6 months ago i was hoping to have a great experience sadly I didn't. If RND is reading this please make a controller for the cosmos that has sicks and is rechargeable I don't have batteries and I don't want to spend extra money on them. Thanks for my true first VR experience to be a let down.



not sure if this goes here but oh well

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