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Whle there are not very many users with a preordered XR Elite I though it would be useful for me to post something I posted on Reddit earlier today;

Besides the Vive XR Elite user guides provided by Vive Support there's not much out there right now (google for these guides or try the links included in earlier posts). This is probably because the XR Elite is currently in very few hands.

I think that once initial preorders have been fulfilled (by the end of this month?) we will start to see lots of reviews from YouTubers, and hopefully from some knowledgeable independent users as well, lol!

I was lucky enough to get my pre-ordered XR Elite about 5 days ago and I have managed to get it working pretty well with Steam and VivePort PCVR games/sims using a Link cable and also wireless. Both cable/wireless PCVR required Vive's Streaming Hub PC app that can be downloaded from the Vive support website. It's a typical streaming app that allows you to set things like resolution and bitrates. One plus with the XR Elite is that it does not require you to use the Vive Console addon.

My preference is to use the wireless PCVR option and I doubt that I'll ever again buy a wired-only VR headset. I have a strong gaming PC with an i9 13900k/rtx4090 and good router/5Ghz wifi setup. This all works very well with my Quest Pro (and Q2) using Air Link. So, I know already that what I have should work well with my new XR Elite.

I am having a few minor issues when exiting SteamVR. When exiting SteamVR to go back to standalone apps the Streaming app hangs my win11 PC and I need to do a forced restart using my PC power button. I have figured out an easy workaround that works 99% of the time. All I need to do is go to my PC desktop monitor and hit the SteamVR popup window x button to close it and exit VR. Once it's closed I need to 'quickly' do the same with the Streamer window (small x to close). This them asks me if I want to exit the streamer app, which I say yes, and all's well. I can then go back in my headset and press the Vive button to go back to the lobby and then change over to the standalone library (which is pretty sparce right now), or just press and hold the headset power button to power off the headset (this what I normally do). I am working with Vive support to try to resolve all this. Once this is all resolved I'll let you know.

All Steam and VivePort games/sims I've tried seem to work fine. I've even got msfs working very well. Controller bindings seem to work well +90% of the time but there are a few that may require me to go through the SteamVR re-binding process (which I hate). I may do this later (or hope that other users post their custom bindings, lol!). Overall, I like the XR controllers. To me they basically feel like my Quest 1/2 touch controllers. They are slightly lighter than my Q2 controllers (144g vs 155g). They are also a bit larger/longer. I have medium sized hands and I don't notice any difference, but those with very small hands may notice this more.

My good old Xbox s BlueTooth wireless controller works fine with SteamVR games that support it (eg. Aircar). Like always, the controller is paired with and goes through your PC, not the headset. I see that the headset has the ability to pair BT devices but I haven't tried this yet because I don't have any standalone apps than need these right now.

I've found the headset to be very comfortable and the diopters and IPD (mine is 69.0mm) adjustments both work well. I use my glasses with all my other VR headsets so right now I'm having a hard time remembering to take them off before putting on this headset, lol! I think if you had vey small glasses they may fit but you'd probably end up with a lot of light leakage. With proper face placement the stock facial interface has the least light leakage of any other headset I've ever used and doesn't pinch my nose at all. In the near future I'm sure that someone with a very big nose and very small IPD will complain, lol!

The minimal glasses-like setup that doesn't use the rear battery pack headstrap is very cool. Using it together with one of my external battery packs it works great for both standalone and wireless PCVR (Link cable cannot be used in this case). The included stretchy/adjustable top strap (which I like) also can be used like eyeglass support cords and it helps keep the headset secure. My only complaint is that because I have a big/fat head, the padded side-ons are a little too tight. Not so tight that I feel like it's going to crack my walnut, but just enough to feel a bit uncomfortable. I think if they were a little longer/wider they would help spread the load better. I'm sure that I'll be able to figure out a mod to do this later.

Battery life is ok (~2 hours) and I have a couple of 30w 10000mahr battery packs for extended, pretty well unlimited runtimes since these are all hot swappable. I'm just using a short (1m) battery cable (the one included for charging the headset work fine) and place the pack in either my front shirt or pants pocket.

Pretty well all I can say for now. Once I get my XR Elite working to its full capabilities I'll be in a better position to compare it to my Quest Pro (and Vive Pro). In any case, I hope you have found some of this information useful. Cheers.

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