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newbie question: develop with htc vive xr elite on a mac


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Bit of a newbie question here: i'm an advanced developer in another field who has never worked with VR, I'll be taking a training on AR/VR in a few months and assessing what I need to get my hands on first.

After looking at several headsets, the upcoming HTC VIVE XR ELITE seems like an interesting choice due to being recent, fairly complete and modular for some missing features, but I have trouble finding if:

a- it is a valid development platform, as in it allows a dev environment to upload code to it without too much hassle ?
b- it is possible to develop on a mac (m1 or m2) standalone apps for that target (I understand I won't be able to play PCVR and that mac is not good at running VR itself, but is it a viable option to build a project that's uploaded to the VIVE XR) ?

I'll probably invest on a dedicated PC at some point but wondering if I can even start my journey and training without having to get the PC right away if I chose that headset.


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@gilles Absolutely - it is a platform we support and works very similar to our pc platform. 

We had several teams using macs with the XR Elite at MIT reality hack early this year 🙂

Under the hood, they both use adb for most things, which is a standard android tool to interact with devices.


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