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offline install cosmos and developping with unity


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I'm trying to set up the Vive Cosmos and develop with unity on a computer with no internet connection. I've created a business account and downloaded SteamVR offline installer(https://business.vive.com/dm/downloads/steamvr) and vive cosmos offline installer(https://business.vive.com/dm/downloads/offlineInstaller). After installing the two installer, my vive cosmos seems work well. I can play in the Origin scene. But when I created a new scene and run in the unity, the vive cosmos shows nothing. It seems unity didn't connect with the vive cosmos. What should I do?

BTW, I have another pc with access to the internet. I created a new scene and run in unity. The vive cosmos works very well on it. I build the unity project to exe and the vive cosmos also works well. But when I copy the exe to the computer with no internet connection, the vive cosmos didn't work.

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