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Unity OpenXR Focus 3 Input error


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Unity: 2021.3.19f1
OpenXR: 1.6.0
VIVE OpenXR Plugin - Windows: 1.0.10





Head works fine, but no controller and no input. In Unity i have an error :


Could not create a device for 'HTC HTC Vive Focus3 Controller OpenXR (XRInputV1)' (exception: System.ArgumentException: Expected control 'devicePose' to be of type 'PoseControl' but is of type 'PoseControl' instead!
Parameter name: path


Anyone knows why my controllers doesn't work ?

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Got the exact same error, I am using two HTC Vive focus 3 controllers and, when I am using the Focus 3 controller support, I can't track them and it only work when using the Cosmos controller support and then, this error appear.

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